After relaxing in your room, come and have a coffee with us in the lounge area. We designed this space as our ideal living room, where we immediately feel at ease, but also intrigued. Relax yourself surrounded by stimulant and beautiful things.

When you’ll feel like having a cocktail, a slice of cake or a good glass of wine with a plate of Italian cheeses and cold cuts, there is a bar that is always open and with a view on the sculpture Janus in the Heart of Rome by Pietro Consagra, in Largo Santa Susanna, a magnificent library with books in all languages, and a record player with a collection of vinyls to listen to freely.

There are armchairs and tables if you need a quiet corner to work. You can have a chat while drinking a beer, enjoying the warm sound of an old record. Or flip through a book sitting comfortably in an armchair, drinking a nice cappuccino.