Tired and hungry after a day exploring the city? If you don’t feel like walking too much, there are several places near the hotel that offer a wide variety of Italian culinary specialties.


Edoardo, via Lucullo 2

Super classic italian restaurant, refined and familiar interior with a bookcase corner and a garden.


Anni Cinquanta, via Flavia 3

Very good Neapolitan pizza and restaurant.


Taverna Flavia, via Flavia 9

Traditional restaurant serving fish and meat dishes.


Marchetti, via Flavia 28

Renowned wine bar and shop in business for 30 years. Wide choice of good wines to pair with hot and cold dishes.


La Locanda di Bacco, via Flavia 32

Cozy small restaurant serving typical Italian and Roman dishes. Good wine list.


Punturi, via Flavia 48

Awesome modern & updated version of the classic Italian “salumeria” (delicatessen). This bakery/grocery/takeaway offers a wide choice of ready-to-eat food at affordable prices, delicious bread, pizza slices, sandwiches, paninis, fried food, pasta, meat and fish dishes. It also sells good quality Italian products. Recommended.

Next to there’s La Bottega, a restaurant and pizzeria with the same management.


Fuocolento, via Flavia 63

Restaurant catering Roman and Mediterranean recipes.


Pinsere, via Flavia 98

Delicious takeaway pinsa (the Roman version of the classic pizza), probably one of the best in the whole city. Many well matched pizza toppings to choose. Highly recommended.


Venti Metri, via Collina 4

Small takeaway place serving good panini, carpaccio (thinly sliced raw meat or fish), salads and a cool beverages selection..


Gelateria Caruso, via Collina 13

Very good ice-cream shop.


Gelateria Come il Latte, via Spaventa 24

Best ice cream in the neighborhood.