The Radical was born of thinking about the dual root of the hospitality experience. We have been, and we are, travellers and guests, in addition to being hotel industry professionals. And The Radical is a place where the tradition of hospitality is combined with the way we like to be welcomed.

A two-floor hotel in the centre of Rome – a few steps from the US Embassy and Via Veneto – with a contemporary, essential, surprising design.

Eleven well-appointed rooms with a radical attention to detail, designed to avoid any standardization: each of them is equipped with an unique balance between interior design, furnishings and artworks hosted exclusively.

And, on the first floor, a bright and lively lounge area, with a bar, a large bookcase and a record player which can play your favourite song.

The Radical is passionately Italian and vibrant with passion for design, art, technology, music and literature from all over the world. It is the overwhelming embrace of Italian hospitality between the shapes of a minimalist design.

It’s where you can feel the familiarity of a friend’s house and the uniqueness of an intimate and authentic experience.

It is the pure pleasure of enjoying your coffee while flipping through a book and feeling the lively cosmopolitan breath of the Capital.

It’s the corner where you can work on your PC without being disturbed or when you can have a chat with people from all around the world. It is the romantic holiday that you always wished to offer to yourself and the perfect base from where you can discover the Eternal City.

It is the feeling you have when you drop your coat on the sofa once at home and the effortless pleasure of having everything at hand. It is welcoming visitors as you’d like to be welcomed yourself.