• The One

    The One

    The One is our single room. Designed for those who comes to Rome for work, for poets, writers, photographers and solitaires in search of a refuge. It’s a 13 square meters room equipped with everything you need to study and plan your journey, collect thoughts and unleash creativity, or simply bring out the best in your business trip. And when everything is done, you can relax in a complete comfort.


  • Root

    The Roots are the rooms that best represent our philosophy. We have designed them with a painstaking attention to detail and to completeness of in-room services to achieve the best balance between quality and price. Whether you come to Rome with your travel companion, with your colleague or with your mother, the Root rooms offer you an intimate space to share.


  • Rad

    Style, comfort and services quality are common to all The Radical rooms. But if you wish your Roman holiday to have an extra gear, you should try our Rad rooms, with breakfast included in the room, even more complete equipment and services, bigger beds - and a view of one of the most beautiful examples of Italian rationalist architecture: the INA building designed by Marcello Piacentini.


  • The Cardinal

    You start aiming high. Do you want a table and a desk, a bathroom and an even larger TV set, a very soft bathrobe, an espresso whenever you feel like it, and to enjoy your breakfast in bed? In the Cardinal everything is included.


  • Visionary

    Special rooms for special occasions. The Visionary rooms have sophisticated areas with a bold design: they have a shower and a living room with furnishings that express the best brands Made in Italy. The perfect set where you can live your own Dolce vita.

  • Utter

    Enjoy a suite with the love of your life. And if you want to win over them, choose Utter. Elegant and evocative, sexy and refined, Utter is the gem of The Radical.